Why I Just Don’t Give A Bing

The chart below is a great way of illustrating why I don’t worry too much about how my clients rank on Bing.  Bing has been a hot mess for months with constant flux in their results.  The blue line below is how much Bing’s top 100 results change over time.  Look at the wild swings compared to Google’s relatively steady line.  You never know from one day to the next how, or more importantly, why your site ranks in Bing.  Because Bing’s share of search is currently about 16.7%, and tactics to rank are so opposed to what works in Google (with 67% share of search), it’s just not worth the effort to me.

Bing's results are all over the place!
This screenshot is from http://serpmetrics.com/flux/
I encourage you to make it one of the start tabs in your browser!

Another important factor in why I don’t care too much about Bing is because the results are highly susceptible to spam.  This was especially apparent when I took Bing’s taste test.  I tried very hard to do it as impartially as possible.  The taste test allowed you to enter different queries and then compare two sets of results and chose your favorite.  I chose Google nine times out of ten.  Bing’s results were chock full of lead gen sites and link spammers.  Google was not.  Here’s a little taste test I just did on my own on the results for “kansas city internet marketing.”  I’ll let you be the judge.  (No secret here which set of results comes from which search engine.)

Google / Bing Taste Test
I offer my own little taste test between Google and Bing. Bing fails pretty miserably in my opinion. (click for a larger version.)

As much as we like to bash Google, they are doing a great job of keeping spam in check.